Welcome on these pages, dear Barbra's admirers !

The WUD message board is a private area opened to the general public.

The administrators of this message board are simple lovers, passionnate, completely independent of Streisand team, with their jobs  and devoting a part of their free time to manage the WUD sites, the  website, the Facebook page and then, the message board.

The message board is neither a weblog nor a page. Its vocation is not to be a “chapel” dedicated to Barbra.

The message board is an information area where are recalled and arranged in thematic headings, the songs, the albums, the movies, the events and the stories which mark out the path of this exceptional artist and woman, but it is also and first an area designed for the discussion and the sharing, where its members can talk about “their” Barbra, debate on what they like or don’t like, share with  foreign fellows (the message board is bilingual French-English), share their interests beyond Barbra, and like to meet  once or twice a year for joyful meetings around Barbra, but not only, because on WUD, there is not only Barbra in life ! J

So to love Barbra « more than everything » is not an adequate criterion to be a member of the message board.  To wish to share and build quality relationships with other people is equally important to our mind. We ask the fans who have an “exclusive” relation to their idol, whose only interest would be to collect the maximum of information and  go back with their “luggage” without even a word of thanks for the people who make the information available, and those who would have the project to use the message board for the purposes of their own promotion, to stay away from it.

But if our conception is also yours, then the message board is made for you ! The access process to the message board, with some 1400 topics created during 8 years, and the rules of use of the message board are described in the Charter.


Epinedecactus et Musicos75

I just don't want to be hampered by my own limitations - Barbra Streisand  

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