The message board is a private space open to the public. Its mission is to raise awareness about Barbra Streisand in France and to promote the development of friendly relations among its members.


Access to the Message Board

The access to the message baord is free, but some parts of the forum are available only to the members, and only the members can write on the message board.

To join the message board, first you must create your user account on Yuku, the platform that hosts the message board. One (1) post is enough to join the message board.

¤ Create your user account: this operation is simple and fast.

You are requested in the order: the nickname you choose, your e-mail address, your name, your name, your gender, your chosen password (2 times), the date of your birthday
(enter the U.S. format: MM / DD / YYYY). Entering a security code to submit the form.


¤ Multiple registration (from the same person, the same computer or IP address) is not allowed.

¤ Entering the message board gives access to the sections dedicated to Barbra's career. However you must be a member of the message board to write.

¤ The "Club" is reserved for the members of the message board and is open from 5 posts.



The message boards are public areas, in essence, the use of a pseudonym is common and recommended. Your choice is free, but the organization names and trademarks are not allowed.
ne sont pas autorisés.


Terms of Participation on the Message Board 

The purpose of the message board is to be a space for exchange and sharing.

¤ The section called "The Club" is reserved for the active members.

This part of the message board is reserved for the members of the message board and it is open to the members who have at least 5 posts.



Thank you for being tolerant, courteous and respectful to each other so that the forum remains a place for exchange and discussion. Never forget that a little word , a small sign,
a small thank you are always fun ! and also ...

¤ choose carefully and accurately the title of your topic : the more it will be explicit , the more likely it is to be found through a search on the message board.

¤ do not write in capital letters or in SMS language

¤ All messages posted in a single commercial or promotional goal has no place here.

¤ The comments on this message board are published under the responsibility of their authors, who must ensure respect for human rights and the law in force on the French territory.
Will be especially moderated or even deleted all messages, photos and videos off topic, offensive , abusive , defamatory, racist , revisionist, having a sexual or commercial character , usurping
the identity of a third, offending to the integrity of the person,  disseminating personal information without the consent of the persons concerned.


Web links

Apart from the links dedicated to Barbra Streisand, external links must be completed exclusively on your profile. So this is on your profile that you can place a link to your blog,
personal site, Flickr account, Youtube account, etc ... These links, however, are prohibited in your signature, except when they concern Barbra Streisand. If this is possible, a link back
to the WUD website is welcome, but we do not impose it, this approach is only meaningful if it is spontaneous!


Use of private messaging

The members of the message board have the opportunity to talk confidentially via the Yuku email, the platform that hosts the message board. Spam and advertising are prohibited. The only
use of the Yuku mail without active participation in the message board will trigger a suspension of access rights on the message board. This message board is not a private chat.


Leave the message board

Your user account is a Yuku account. Leaving the message board does not remove it. If you also wish to leave the community of the Yuku message boards, you must request the deletion of
your account with Yuku.The Yuku's contact address is available from your account profile.


I just don't want to be hampered by my own limitations - Barbra Streisand